About Us

Vastuvidyapratisthanam is a Research Foundation of Traditional Indian Architectural Engineering incorporated and registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 - Reg. No. 558/1993, at Kozhikode. The founder members came from different professions with the vision of establishing a unique multi-disciplinary institute. The goal of Vastuvidyapratisthanam is to enquire into philosophy and theory of Vastuvidya and interpret the same in the changing context of human development, with regard to materials, space and time.


India has a rich heritage of architecture and engineering perpetuated through building traditions, craft skills and art forms spread over the whole of the land. This knowledge system comes within the scope of Sthapatyaveda or Vastuvidya. This technological heritage has not been properly studied or incorporated in modern architecture and engineering education. In spite of this, they continue to be the living traditions. Vastuvidyapratisthanam was formed to enquire into these traditional knowledge systems through modern scientific and technological methods and disseminate the same to the younger generation.


Sri. Kanippayyur Krishnan Nambudiripad - Traditional expert in Vastuvidya
Prof. (Dr.) A. Achyuthan - Engineer, environmentalist
Prof. (Dr.) Ashalatha Thampuran - Architect, academician
Dr. P. Balachandran - Physician and enthusiast in traditional arts
Sri. P. Raghava Warrier - Manager and enthusiast in Kathakali
Dr. T.I. Radhakrishnan - Physician, enthusiast in Vedic studies
Prof. (Dr.) Balagopal T.S. Prabhu - Engineer, planner, academician


  1. To provide for and promote the study and research of Vastuvidya, the traditional architecture of India and its allied fields.
  2. To execute programmes for education and training including awareness courses, seminars, symposia, workshops, conferences on building science & settlement planning and related subjects.
  3. To train craftsmen in the application of the principles and practices of Vastuvidya.
  4. To arrange for publication of monographs, journals, reading materials, reference books.
  5. To take up design and construction of different kinds of buildings as part of research on Vastuvidya.
  6. To Analyze and evaluate the principles, process and practices of Vastuvidya using scientific methodology and integrate them with the developments in engineering and material science.
  7. To institute fellowships, studentships, etc. for pursing research on Vastuvidya.
  8. To co-operate with other organisations including Universities and Government agencies in promoting and achieving the objectives mentioned above.