The Journal ‘Sthapati’

Vol. 09 April - May - June 2011 No. 01

Special Issue on Vastuvidya - 2011
Kanippayyur Sankaran Nambudiripad Oration
Temple Architecture According to Tantrasamuccayam - Sri. Kanippayyur Krishnan Nambudiripad
Tantrasastra and Kerala Temples - Prof. P.C. Krishnan Nambudiri
Spatial Design Norms from Vastupurusamandala - Dr. A. Achyuthan & Dr. Balagopal T.S Prabhu
Evolution of Temples from Nalukettu - Dr. Ashalatha Thampuran
Conservation of Tali Temple, Calicut - Dr. A.K. Kasturba
Architectural Heritage of Palghat District - Er. K. Sivasankara Menon
Koothambalam in a Trans-Cultural Context - Er. P. Gireesan
Temple Forms of Kerala - Er. K. Raman Bhattathiripad
Temple Traditions in India - Dr. Balagopal T.S. Prabhu

Vol. 08 Jan. - Feb. - March 2011 No. 04

Special Issue on Architectural Engineering
Photographs of the Architectural Engineers Convention (2009)
Architectural Engineering And India – 2020 - K. Thomas Poulose, FIE
Paradigm Shift From ‘Deco’ To ‘Eco’ Architecture - Pramod Beri
Planning For The Planet - Dr. Achyuthan, F.i.e.(i)
Passive Systems For Climatic Control - Dr. Balagopal T.s. Prabhu & Dr. R.l. Munichakrabarty
Effectiveness of Ferrocement Wrapping System in Enhancing Lateral Strength of RC Frames - N.ganesan,P.V. Indira, & Shyju. P
Experimental Investigation on Fiber Reinforced Self-compacting Concrete - B.H.V. Pai & Ramkishan Rao B.H.
Water Management in India - 2020 - Seema K. Nayar
Sustainable Development of Heritage Sites - Dr Kasthurba A K
FAR Vs Quality of Life - Er. Priya K
Future Directions in Architectural Design Education - Dr. Lizmol Mathew
Shape Grammar in Architectural Design - Ar. Chithra. K
Shape Grammar In Architectural Design - Ar. Shakila Devi V.
Traditional Forms of Temple Theatres - Er. P. Gireesan
Energy Concept and Green Building Certification - Er. Jayaraman. C
Passive Environment Control System in Vernacular Architecture - Dr. Naseer M. A. & Dili A. S.
Use of Hygroscopic Envelope for Thermal Comfort in Warm-humid Regions - P.C. Madhuraj & J.Sudhakumar
Concept of Zero Energy Buildings and Application - Dr. P. P. Anilkumar
Environmental Pollution by Under Ground Parking - Er. Jyothi Prakash
Energy Management for Sustainable Future - Er, N.ramakrishnan, FIE
Return ff Traditional System in Modern Times - Dr. Ashalatha Thampuran
A Study of Residential and Religious Architecture - Er. Raman Bhattathiripad, MIE
New Age Concrete for Rennovation of Temples - Er. K. Sivasankara Menon
Essentials of Traditional System in Architecture - Dr. Balagopal T.S. Prabhu
Traditional Tribal Houses of Wynad Region - K. Jayasri, & T. Krishnan
Architectural Engineering Education - Mrs. Sheeba Chander
Promoting Architectural Engineering Education - Dr. Balagopal T.S. Prabhu

Vol. 08 July - Aug. - Sept. 2006 No. 02

Special Issue on Renovation of Kalpathy Temple
Kalpathy Sree Visalakshi Sametha Sree Viswanathaswamy Temple - Sri. K.N. Lakshminarayanan
Preface to the Renovation Work
Back ground of Kalpathy Temple
Temple Documentation by Archeology Department
Existing Condition
Status Report on Existing Condition
Documentation of Temple Complex
Schematic Proposal for Renovation
Renovation Work in Phase - I
Renovation Work in Phase - II
Implementation of Renovation Work

Vol. 07 Jan. - Feb. - March 2006 No. 04

Special Issue on Folk Architecture
What is Folk Architecture
Pre-historic Megaliths of Kerala - Ar. A.K. Kasthurba
Traditional Houses of Indonesia - Ar. Lindah Widiastuti
Malay House
The Wisdom of Humble Houses
Colour Perception in Ancient India - Prof. Sujoy Kumar Das
The Shape Grammar of Greek Temples - Ar. Sudha Arikatti & Dr. Balagopal T.S. Prabhu
Vastuvidya in Rigveda - Dr. Krishna Chakraborty
Traditional Log Houses of Finland - Dr. A. Achyuthan
Ethiopians and the Houses They Live in

Folk Architecture of China
Half Timbered Farm Houses of the German Midlands - Mr. Felix Otter

Vol. 07 April - May - June - 2005 No. 02

Special Issue on Design Table
Systems of Measurement in Vastuvidya
Design Tables
Highly Inauspicious Perimeters for Residential Vastu
Explanation of the Design Tables for Use
Examples on Conversion of Units
Use of Design Tables
Report of Activities, Forthcoming Events

Vol. 06 Jan. - Feb. - March 2005 No. 04

03. Iconography and Sculpture - Dr. Balagopal T.S. Prabhu
30. Temples as Centres of Art - Dr. Balagopal T.S. Prabhu & Dr. A. Achyuthan

Vol. 06 October - November - December - 2004 No. 03

Special Issue on Industrial Architecture

Visvesvaraya and the National Industrial Development - Er. L.C. Kandasamy
Canons in Vastuvidya for Industrial Architecture - Dr. Balagopal T.S. Prabhu & Dr. A. Achyuthan
Building Rules and Planning Guidelines for Industrial Buildings and Development - Er. K.V. Abdul Malik
Functional Design of Industrial Buildings - Dr. A.P. Shashikala
Planning of Industrial Townships in the Public Sector - Er. T.S. Ratnam
Industrial Architecture - The State of the art - Dr. Balagopal T.S. Prabhu
Strategy for Siting and Location of Industries in the Natural and Built Environment- Er. J.K. Gupta
Changing Industrial Forms - A case Study of Kozhikode - Ar. Mohammed Firoz & Ar. Bimal. P
Structural Forms of Industrial Buildings - Dr. T.P. Somasundaran
Lighting for Industrial Buildings - Er. Sreejith S
Industrial Ventilation - Er. Rajkumar Sinha
High Efficiency Industrial Lighting - Dr. R. Sreeram Kumar
Ventilation of Industrial Buildings - Dr. J. Sudhakumar
Role of Landscape in Industrial Development - The Changing Dimensions - Dr. Lizmol Mathew
Integrated Planning, Design and Construction of Industrial Building - A Case Study - Er. C.V. Sudheendran
Need for Environmental Impact Appraisal of Development Projects - Dr. B.B. Sundaresan

Vol. 05 January - February - March - 2004 No. 04

Special Issue on Manusyalayacandrika
Preface to Manusyalayacandrika
Manusyalayacandrikasaram : Chapter 1 - Characteristics of Land; Chapter 2 - Site Analysis; Chapter 3 Dimensional and Orientation Systems and Ayadi Computations; Chapter 4 - Layout of Halls ; Chapter 5 - Parts
of the Building ;Chapter 6 - Roof Frame; Chapter 7 - Ancillary Facilities
Note on Case Studies of Residential Buildings
Drawings of Buildings
Report of Activities and Forthcoming Events

Vol. 05 July - August - September 2003 No. 02

Manusyalayacandrika - A Unique Text - Dr. A. Achyuthan & Dr. B.T.S. Prabhu
Manusyalayacandrikasaram - Chapter 1
Vastu Principles Applied to House Building - Kanippayur Krishnan Nambudiripad
Application of Vastusastra Principles in Building Construction - Er. K.A. Natesan
Vastusastra as Applied to Modern Town Planning - Dr. K.V.R. Anjaneyulu
Vastu and Navagrahas - Dr. A.R. Ramaswamy
Architecture of Traditional Buildings - Dr. A. Achyuthan & Dr. Balagopal T.S. Prabhu
Vastuvidya 2004 - Announcement, Book Review - Traditional Architecture Forms of Malabar Cost

Vol. 04 January - February - March - 2003 No. 04

Special Issue on World Architecture
Forthcoming Events & Report of Activities
Dawn of the Building Art
Transition from Classic Styles to Modernism
Renaissance and Modernism in Architecture
Indian Architecture - Ancient and Buddhist Period
Influence of Other Cultures on Indian Architecture
Architectural Heritage of India - Dr. Balagopal T.S. Prabhu


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